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Tarot for Romeo and Juliet

I blow kisses unto it, my latest book, Tarot for Romeo and Juliet, as I get ready for the launch event at EyeCorner Press in a few days. This is my 15th book in the Philosophy of Divination category. EyeCorner Press also celebrates 15 years of operation.  It was befitting my heart's desire to celebrate the number 15, especially since it's associated with the Devil in the Tarot. It amuses me that the mainstream culture dictates us the idea that the Devil makes us do strange things, and hence we want to stay away. But what if we knew better? As I look at my celebratory book, filled with silk and passion and gold galore, I think of how a thing of beauty is a thing of beauty, and therefore always conquering the useless idea. The launch event at my house centers around the passions of the heart. As the heart in love races towards the lover, the idea with this book is that we race towards the thing of beauty.  Infinite love is a thing of beauty, but who gets to experience it? Such

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