Not fortune's fool

I came in here to say something else than what I'm about to say – basically a commercial for my latest trinity of books, Threads, Cross, and Choices, all dealing with the venerable art of cartomancy, the only art these days that keeps us away from hypocrisy, righteous morality, and interminably opinionated yakking about nothing of either substance or consequence.

As in the good old days, I had a flash of insight about the correlation between lust and telepathy, and I came in here to develop a theory about it, or to just drop it like a coin. Heads or tails? How is your luck these days? But as it occurred to me that I'm actually tired of talking things to death, beating a dead horse or flattering the corpse, I've decided to refrain. 

So, I give you the books instead. They may not be particularly good books, but this they have in common: they are written from the sincere heart and they release an arrow that goes straight to the target. Bull's eye. Martial arts style. Because once upon a time I was selected for the Romanian national team of archery, so I have a thing for this sort of things –  the story of which is now in another book of mine, What is Not

So yes, the books, let's stick to the books instead of random theories about fortune's fools. You may find that they actually go somewhere. 



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