Hi, Camelia Elias here, musing on he magical meaning of life. Any other meaning of life doesn't interest me in the slightest.

I'm a professor, writer, and cartomancer. The blog you've stumbled over is an old one, now only kept open for the sake of remembrance. I used to write on Frag/ments more regularly, but as things changed, my focus took a turn over a decade ago, when I started instructing others in the art of reading cards. On the rare occasion I return to the blog here, I do it to cast a spell on infinity. 

But I'm on my way towards retiring from public life altogether, having already ditched the hypocritical world of academia. There are some areas, however, I'm still active in: I read fortunes, teach Zen, and create beauty in the world in the form art (analog photography, calligraphy, painting, butoh, and writing).

My website offers to read your fortune.
Read Like the Devil asks you to join a club.
EyeCorner Press publishes my books following the martial arts principle of seeing without being seen. Videre sine videri.
Aradia Academy teaches Zen and the art of reading a visual text.

The picture below is from 2020, a screenshot of a live session with a group of cartomancy students.



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