All that glitters… On my walk tonight with the she-goddess dog, Frigg, I found an Angel at the crossroads. A perfect omen on the last day of the year. I’ve been hunting for omens since December 26th and until January 6, to keep the tradition of living the magical life alive.

In this particular context I can’t think of a better sign than the one that says, protection, strong magic, and flying. What do you suppose those wings are for?

In the more general context of practicing getting above all things without exception, I find this sign as a sign of alignment with all that is given by the grace of the higher powers. And yes, just as I believe in strong winds or earthquakes that can take your house in a snap, for all your achievements, so I believe in higher powers. This is not a conceptual thing for me, but rather the result of observation: there are physical laws that remind us that we are definitely not the center of all things.

Perhaps this is the reason why I commune with the likes of dead magicians such as Giordano Bruno, and a host of fascinating non-dualists, both dead and alive.

I’m here to celebrate my life, and the strong wings that carry it.

May you all have a magical year. Let truth cut through you, and with it, let a strong breath enchant you.


Anonymous said…
A magical New Year to you too! I need to be reminded that magic exists and I always get that warm fuzzy feeling about it when reading you.

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