Today it's my nephew's birthday. Paul turned 19. 19 adds to 10. 1+0 for new beginnings and then a jump into the void. I wish Paul all the best with making the best of it, indeed.

He called me. I didn't call him. 'I'm making a cake,' he said. 'Are you coming over?' 'No, I'm not', I said. 'I abhor anniversaries.' 'Yes, my dear auntie,' he said winking.

I sat down and read cards for him. I made a card myself. I fiddled with some filters on my iphone, and ta da, there it was, the message that I wanted to convey. Something with a castle in the sky. The key to it, and then some propulsion through space. But the key is important. It's the link to the earth.

Sometimes I spend money on ebay buying what others might call 'junk'. So I have a lot of junk in my house. I rummaged through my junk today to find a key for Paul. I did. I got this one from an archeologist working for a museum in Holland. It's from the 1300s. Old enough. A key for the castle in the sky, earthbound.

Happy birthday, Paul. I'll come to kiss you tomorrow, or some other day.

Your devoted 'auntie' C.

© Camelia Elias, ink on paper, with medieval key and cards, 2013


Note on the deck: Tantric Dakini Oracle by Nick Douglas and Penny Slinger, 1979, Destiny Books.


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