Love in symmetry is a mysterious dance. A dance of stars. The crossing hearts are marking the spot, fetching the X. The coup de grâce on behalf of the cross blows the breath saying: let there be light and love and a strong body. 
The spell be impaled.

IMAGE: Camelia Elias, Spell on black tourmaline with bones, ink on paper, 2013


Unknown said…
The paper is the memory of bone as the ink stains blood and print.
Markus Pfeil said…
I love how the movement of breath is visible from the dent in the paper to the small lines showing the movement from air to water. The lower part is fixed by the cross and the upper shows the breath blowing away again.

The Black Tourmaline with its abundance of Iron, the same Iron that gives our Blood its redness, transporting our very breath is a fantastic basis and bones to root to the earth and all who have been.

I marvel at the consistent beauty of this arrangement.

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