Again on popular demand, I cross post here a fragment on cartomancy, a full-fledged reading with the Lenormand cards on the topic of 'a happy marriage.' A few cartomancers have asked me to write a sample reading for the grand tableau with all the 36 cards on the table, so here's a method for how to read these incredible images in 1 minute and 30 seconds flat. If you read the text, make sure that you also read the comments at the end. There's some method theory there inspired by the questions people have been asking. On this I almost cried to myself, 'ay, ay, Sancho Panza, what have I gotten myself into?' Being tired of being a method theorist in my pay job, I thought that here I would write something fun for a change. But no, all my fragments haunt me, they have a mind of their own, and they want more theory.

Well, enjoy, then, all ye who want to know how to read cards. It looks like I'm 'fated' to teach. Here's the essay THE LENORMAND GRAND TABLEAU post. Enjoy!


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