I'm tempted to advertise for Anthony Johnson's new book, AURORA RESURGENS, with these words: when in doubt, think hermetic – and thus remain in doubt. I've done this to an extent in my introduction to this book, and yet, I came out of it with a sense that when you deal with texts that fly, the certainty principle is the last thing you want to preoccupy yourself with. You go with the light. Especially the light that enlightens in obscure ways. Read this book, which is a wonderful collection of three sets of texts, about Enochian Angels in the legend of The Shining Ones, an opera about Giordano Bruno's The Clavis Magna – and some domestic drama in which characters say to each other things like this: “love is leaving it be” – and poems, poems, poems, formed in diamond shapes, and resounding musical notes of the highest. 


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