If you have to go to Norway on a short trip by boat, make sure that on your way back you book yourself first class. You'll need all the champagne in the fridge, and everything else in the sweets department to drown your frustration with having to come back. As I perambulate back and forth on the deck, I'm being pursued by Italians who share my feeling of being frustrated. Their reasons are, however, different. Nonetheless, my bubbly brain picks on their swearing and cursing: porca miseria, they keep saying. I lose them, but back in the Commodore Class Captain's Cabin, I can't seem to be able to lose their expression. All the same. A bit of practicing is never damaging. Quite the contrary. As I'll be in Torino at the end of the month, I can anticipate my going up and down the corso, saying to myself: porca miseria, I could be in Norway instead of here right now. By Jove, how we can master wasting time! Jævlig trist.


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