After the mountain plateau, the famous Atlantic road, and dinner in Bud, I have a look at the guest-book at the restaurant. I want to contribute my name, when I notice that 9 people in a row, all have the wrong date: the 23rd of September. I follow suit, while laughing at the site. But I'm the 10th person with insight. While I write the same, following the suggestion started by an obviously absent-minded fellow traveller which was then continued by 8 others who were even more absent-minded, I also let the ones following me 'know'. Being the 10th, however, makes me think of the Sefirot, the tree of knowledge, or revelations, which has beauty at the center. I'm having an insight into the future, and I think that it's beautiful what I see: myself in Norway, again, in September, chasing the Ohr-Ein-Sof, the infinite light of what is both possible and impossible. The crown, Keter, says: “I am that I am.” In Norway, there's no doubt about it.


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