I'm back in Denmark, and yes, I did survive the overly crowded train due to previous cancellations from Copenhagen to Roskilde. I also survived the circus of cell phones, all on at the same time. And finally, I survived the mosquitoes in Pecs.

I survived all this because I had a good time, as ever, at the psychology and literature conference where I meet old and deer friends. I get 'analyzed,' off and on the record, I get to analyze myself, and if I'm not adequately successful at that, there is always the conference paper that I can pretend was good enough. I did a memorial talk on Federman, in a Federman panel, and it was moving, because friends I trust told me it was moving. Claire Kahane, an analyst and critic was crying, Murray Schwartz, a famous Shakespearean wants me to send him the 'fabulous, fabulous' writing, and Anne-Marie Mazzega Bachelet, a singer of Schubert and critic, thought that the laughing and the crying was like music. I also flirted with Robert Silhol, an analyst, who always tells me that I'm a most beautiful thing walking on this planet, and Samir Dayal, a metaphysician of the finest kind, who went to school with the Maharajah, and who also thinks that I'm beautiful but without mercy, alas. Together these two think I'm a temptress, but I get back at them, oh, I get back at them, God only knows. But then God has mercy on us all. So, yes, I'm energized by people who make me think that I'm lucky to know them. This is reciprocal. Ah, symmetries, yet again. They are beautiful when they work.

At home, a present awaits me, good writing from my mathematician. He makes a few remarks in French, by way of getting back at all those who can't figure out what gender he is, so have a good laugh here, if you want to know more, and don't forget to also read about that Lipschitz thing here, if you want to get enlightened. Such glorious energies. Well, all the better, as there are always chores to deal with before glorious Eikesdal, which I'll hit on Friday: Student papers to pass, pianos to buy for my nephew, if I can figure out which of those synthesizers have good resonance, and paintings to mail, if I can find the appropriate boxes. Life is as it is: all is clear and all is not clear. Enjoy your summer plans.


Dovile Budryte said…
I am imbibing all this energy from this vignette... ah ah ah. tastes like good expensive wine. I feel better already. Now I can go and pretend that I am working on my summer plans.
Camelia said…
Dovile, I'm glad you got energized by my exuberant thoughts. It is really a gift whenever we are allowed to enter into others' spaces and draw on whatever drives them. My psychoanalytical friends are particularly good at that, at opening and guiding you through. Regarding summer plans, one good thing about having an obsession is that you never think of veering off from it. It is therefore ever so simple for me: I'll vacation in Norway for as long as I live and I can afford it.
Dovile Budryte said…
Obsession w/a place--what an interesting way to think about "planning"! It does make life simpler and maybe even less stressful. It's just that I am fascinated (still) by the Mediterranean--too many enticing places for developing obsession(s)... difficult to choose... but my affair with the Mediterranean region is over this year; thus, I will work on enjoying the flatness of my homeland. Many thanks for your "exuberant" writing; it makes my summer much more interesting.

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