When I was 11 I fell in love with Bach transcriptions for the guitar. I had a record with Milan Zelenka, and I still remember vividly the effect of his chaconne on me. I grasped the infinite. Or so I thought. Now, when I doubt its omega-consistency (read this both metaphorically and à la Gödel) there is, however, a remedy. I always think of what Chopin said: “the only thing that sounds better than a guitar is two guitars.” My 11-year-old self returned today, on another 11, to that first experience, only this time raised to the power of 4. Here is The Romero Quartet, keeping it all in the family. All Bach specialists, and all to die for. We are forever grateful to all those who endure the pains of self-discipline only so that we may accede, through their perfect precision, to a consistent state of two-fold vibrations. Or three-fold, or four-fold, or more, if we are lucky.


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