For Jean-Luc Marion

Gertrude Stein is pulling my leg: “Remember narrative is continuous.” And then there’s Wagner, and Cantor, and Bach, and all the others. I was thinking that the only thing that beats ‘and yet’ must be ‘both, and.’ And then thus there are the others, specialists in quantum grammar. What do we do with ‘and then?’ – Then suddenly? Transform the status of ‘nothing’ into ‘all?’ ‘All are welcome.’ To do what? Transform topology into a vocabulary of thinking? Thinking about it. A direct address is a ready-made costume. “You, I’m addressing – and my witnesses are ‘all’ here” – Or not. The gaze can also go blank, terrified by the potential No. Not yet. So ‘Nothing’ would come for nothing. And yet. All that writing can vibrate for! Sense it all written on the body! Gertrude hands me a cookie made by her lover, and orders me to shut up. In transfinite arithmetic, both nothing and everything have a higher status than otherwise. The set of signification comprises the oath: Here I Am. We keep counting. Alice keeps the score. And then hands touch and the kiss is hot. We love the logic of insufficient reason.


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