Yes, the thought for today? Nothing original. Except for teleportation. I wrote a silly update on Facebook: “somebody shoot me, or chain me to Norway,” which resulted in a torrent of comments, and consequently culminated with my suggestion that all those who get the mountain thing should teleport themselves over here. Some claimed to have had their subscription expired, others started speaking in tongues. My good friend Horia, a genius mathematician who is known to be very prolific and fluent in all sorts of symbolic languages went for French. He was ready. “J’arrive” he said, “avec un fusil dans quelques minutes.” Beh, I’m still waiting. But I did get the Chablis with cheddar discovery that he made earlier today. Yes, the mathematicians can also be struck by culinary genius. What else? Yes, while watching the mists of Avalon sink into the lake, I thought I understood the thing with infinity. It overwhelmed me. First it irritated the shit out of me, making me think what would have happened to Cantor if he had read some Derrida and the poststructuralists. But then, the goddamned “and yet, what if he was right” interfered again. So, I figured, infinity is actually even greater than everything. Goddamned semantics. How can you deconstruct the goddamned infinity? And then, what else? Yes, this thought you will like. While jumping on the balloon, I got this vision: me in Wittgenstein’s hut. Some things I’m certain of. I’m certain of Norway with me in it – teleported or not.


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