For Geoffrey

“Thing”: id est, thinking or think’d. Think, Thank, Tank – Reservoir of what has been thinged. – Denken, Danken, – I forget the German for Tank/The, Them, This, These, Thence, Thick, Think, Thong, Thou” Coleridge in his Notebooks didn’t put a full stop after this string. So this is not hermetically closed. Thinking knows no hermeticism. Silent speech aims at a punctum. “AND YET: is not writing too much with us?” asks Hartman in Saving the Text. So, no full stops after the inscription on the body. The palm carries the lines of the “Thing.” I drop my ring into my glass. The thought is not hermetic. Outside my house, near the supermarket, there is a huge circle on the pavement. Every day I’m waiting for “Them” to paint the letter H inside it. The “Thing” is a helicopter. The “Thought” is militaristic: “you are ordered to come now.” And “Thou” shall not ask “This” stupid question again: “Really?” “Danke” I say. For what, I don’t know. I’m saving the revelation for later.


Søren said…
"Ring Ding Dingeling Dae"

From: Ted Gärdestad, "Franska Kort" (1976) (Released on the Polar Music label)

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