Every day I decide that I can write a whole book on contradiction in one day, but not today. Lo, I’ve just (kind of) contradicted myself. Damn. This is what I mean. Vincent’s talk today about the liar’s paradox reminded me of why I like paradoxical statements, recursive statements, loopy statements, and the like. Because they never go anywhere. The closer we come to understanding this set:

The following sentence is false.
The preceding sentence is true.

the further away are we from understanding. What we do instead is experience the dimension of space vs. linearity, vacuum vs. fulfillment. There is a constant tension in the oscillation between reflexivity and self-reflexivity. Paradoxical statements are the opposite of metaphysics. They spring from a passion for infinity. So, let my book on contradiction be very short. It can begin with this statement: The liar’s paradox is an anthropodicy.


Søren said…
Unless, of course, the very possibility of an anthropodicy is in itself a contradiction in terms. Or maybe not...

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