So, here it is, the series is complete. As is often the case, however, the real thing looks better in reality. Much better. Those close to me, are welcome to come visit and have a lesson in biblical history. It will not be boring, I promise.

The order is as follows: Asher, Benjamin, Ruben, Levi, Dan, Gad, Judah, Naphtali, Joseph, Zabulun, Issachar, Simeon.

(For those interested in seeing more, go to my webpage here. I extend the invitation for friends to come and see the other paintings as well, before I give them away. I've already started disseminating, so only traces will remain. Related to this, I like what Derrida once said: "When the very first perception of an image is linked to a structure of reproduction, then we are dealing with the realm of phantoms." As I stare at the painting I did today, a collage featuring two poems by Borges, You, I, and a short story, Everything and Nothing, I'm beginning to understand why the Jews had an injunction against the making of iconic representations. For in spectro-poetics the questions who is watching whom and who haunts whom, are always tagged by a demand to respond. But how? Der Spuk des Zitates...)


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