Over dinner, we talk about faith. I yell exasperatedly: “but what does it mean to say that people have faith?” This enunciation alone requires some knowledge; otherwise it is stupid to engage in making it to begin with. But if you have knowledge, by definition you need no faith. Ok, so it was decided over eggs that when faith gets engaged it is because you know you have to make a leap over the first step, which you can imagine is there, but you cannot see. And this is where it gets complicated. Let’s start again: so you can imagine a step. You can imagine it. You can imagine that there is a step you have to make, but you cannot see it, and because you cannot see it, you doubt its existence. So you’re then both a pessimist and one who thinks has faith, but in reality doesn’t. Pessimism and faith don’t go together. Unless you come from Vest Jylland, as my best friend’s father suggests. “Faith is transcendental,” I say. The others are thinking about it. Ok, so we have faith, imagination, doubt, and pessimism. Right. And infinity, I forgot about that. You can imagine all you want. And have faith. I go with this, as a theologian. But as a mathematician? Damn. We need someone who is sharp as a razor in both. Anyone? Horia, the haiduk lektor, knight of my kingdom of stairs, or stares, let’s make it public, we need you to formulate an axiom. If I’m not going to have an axiom by 12 tonight, I’m going to turn into something that’s a hell of a lot worse than a pumpkin. How strong is your theology? Mine is fucking vibrating, but the idea that faith can be imagined ad infinitum gives me the vertigo, so I can’t think straight. But I have faith. I have knowledge of things I don’t know of. Therefore I have faith plus imagination. But is it enough? My faithful mathematicians, do jump at this, make the leap, and sweep my theology off my step! So I can fly over it and kiss the air, with reverence.


lektor said…
yes, I am full of faith although my theology is as frozen as hell.

I am not sure that I can come up with the required axiom in just a couple of hours. But do not despair, my sweet vermilion princess! Here is a theorem instead:

"Let us consider a human being boldly believing in the existence of one (and only one) invisible and indivisible infinity. Then faith is the glue that keeps that shaky big thing in one piece."
"Dubito ergo cogito; cogito ergo sum."
Bent said…
Zo, infinity is a pudding?
Camelia said…
Das ist alles falsch. People, have you noticed the frying coffins? Ok, so maybe Bent is on to something, if it's infinity that gets cooked. I can imagine a worse scenario. Zo, herr lektor, you need to be faster, I'm waiting. And Mana, didn't I say faith? Faith. Not doubt. In the face of faith, thinking can go... and you know what it can do to itself. Therefore we need axioms. Numbers. Not noumena.
lektor said…
i am afraid that your axiom is hiding itself deep down my second bottle of faith. And I have a plane to catch tomorrow morning...

my faith is shaking... visibly!
God said:"You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die."
Adam said: really?
Camelia said…
Some things you doubt, because... and some things you don't, ever... It is as simple as that. If you start thinking about causality against infinity, you can be sure to arrive at some very intersting ideas. But I don't want to keep you up all night. Let's just hang on to whatever it is that we desire to hang on to, for whatever reason, and in spite of everything. This is what I call faith. Cheers! My nose is in a fine cognac, I write about Visconti's Death in Venice, and I imagine things.

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