For Ioana

I summon myself on the wizard’s threshold. I bring blessings: blessed be the virgin, blessed be the child, blessed be the man who loves so much that he can’t tell the difference anymore, blessed be the woman who loves so much that she can’t tell the difference anymore. And yet. Meanwhile, I sound like a Catholic. Blessed be the cat. Blessed be the mat. I sound like a structuralist. Saussure went bonkers from reading signs. It is not the sign that keeps us sane, but feeling. Painted with cosmic vibration. The color is yellow and white, white and yellow. The white makes room for red. “There is a Text in women,” Alexander Niccholes writes in 1615. Paradise Regained was also written in 1600s. “I see thou know’st what is of use to know.” Hold on to that. Hold on to the text. Hold on to the books. A whole library of touches. Real touches. Sublime touches. Painful touches. Readable touches. In The Book of Touches it is written: I shall not let you dangle in the air, but bless you. I shall not let you suffer alone, but bless you. I shall not let you love in silence, but bless you.


Anonymous said…
Thank you, Camelia!I could truly feel those blessings reaching me from Jupiter right here on the silent Venus!:) May your blessings spread and touch all those silent in the universe and may them return to you in love!

It's snowing peacefully here for the first time this year...

Anonymous said…
And if I am to read the signs in your painting...

I could see the yellow below - which represents intellect, power and abstraction: THE FUNDAMENTAL POWER OF ABSTRACTION.

I could see the white above - which represents purity, innocence and selflessness:THE TRANSCENDENTAL POWER OF LOVE

And I could see the red: THE HORIZON OF PASSION.

I found that the first painting in ones life is often profetic. And in your case a few brush strokes captured the timelessnes and the boundlessness of our complex present!

Thank you for reminding us about the simplicity and the beauty of these infinte possibilities! Your painting brings these all within reach!

Camelia said…
Ioana, you're too kind. And I'm at a loss of words in the face of our friendship. But as with fragments, and thank God for them, they're all we have when we run out of words, or are simply tired of language, here are two quotes that should go with your two remarks.

"I've been doing a lot of abstract painting lately, extremely abstract. No brush, no paint, no canvas, I just think about it." (Stephen Wright)

"The more abstract the truth you wish to teach, the more you must allure the senses to it." (F. Nietzsche)

In thought, by senses, yet without presuming to teach, just be, I send more blessings your way, in gratitude.
Anonymous said…
ma bucur ca ai ales galbenul pt tabloul tau si uite si de ce:GALBEN

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Efectele fiziologice ale culorii galben: stimulează nervul optic, influenţează funcţionarea normală a sistemului cardio-vascular. Culoarea galben stimulează sistemul nervos central, măreşte capacitatea digestivă, îmbunătăţeşte tonusul, ne face să ne simţim în formă. Cea mai importantă acţiune a sa este aceea de a ameliora digestia.

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