Back from Helsinki. The third time around this year. Might as well move up there soon. Meanwhile, where special places, special people, and special events are concerned, I'm an extremist. I follow traditions in a non-traditional way. You have to be a Finn to get it. Or go gazing at the Kiasma museum. Right now it's all about the image and the word. The exhibition advances the argument that mental images as conjured up by words are the strongest and the longest lasting. Halleluiah! Again. Self-proclaimed hermeneuts can rejoice. There's something to do other than thinking linearly. Where Helsinki in general is concerned, I'd say. The atmosphere of the city always makes me think of the X, fractal ontology, and feisty fragments. You can go from being chias-matic to being gala-ctic. Here's a gallery with myself at the center - as the mirror and the image dictate. Words in between: jouissance, jouis-sens, juif-sens, j'ouis...


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