Phony. This is the word that I like and dislike. In the age of information originality is not original. Take Julian Schnabel’s walking around in pajamas – because his young wife designed them nicely, he claims – every time there is a vernissage he has to show up to. Of course he got the idea from Matisse who was a real pajamas lover. Although I never wear pajamas – I’m into naked bodies – I’m thinking of getting one from Marilyn Monroe pajamas – which makes me think about that famous picture of her reading Ulysses, and which nobody can understand. I’m sure that if she wore pajamas instead of hot-pants, people would stop going round in the hermeneutic circle. The unreality of some things is just mind boggling. I’m gonna go read Roger Penrose’s latest The Road to Reality that has everything in it, from fractions to fiber bundles. If Julian, Henri, Marilyn, Roger, and myself go bundling I’m pretty sure that we’ll hit a spot of knowledge. Fractions by night. Information can go fuck itself.


Bent said…
"Marilyn was capable of anything. Once I was working with her and she had this interview coming up and we were running late. When the journalist came in, Marilyn was wearing this negligee, it was transparent, and she had a hair brush in her hand. She asked the journalist 'is it okay if I brush my hair while you're here ?', and of course the journalist said she was okay with it. Then she moved to pick up her notepad and next thing she sees, Marilyn is brushing her pubic hair. She asked me 'you're not taking pics anymore ?' and I answered 'no Marilyn, no'...."

- Eve Arnold
Anonymous said…
My best French friend, Pierre, would say without hesitating: she's reaalllyyy fuckable! In French, of course.

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