My sister left again. This is better than it's worse. It's good because I get a break from all the cracking up I've been doing the past three days. As my sister is heavily into farces, it's impossible to have a conversation with her without her making references to hilarious scenes from hilarious books and movies. This she thinks is normal.

The fact that she also thinks it's normal to know by heart the whole film script for The Life of Brian is something that I've gotten accustomed to. Her argument is that since it's normal to live your life according to Monty Python it is also perfectly normal to have their philosophy at hand, lest memory should play a number on her, so she has the whole movie downloaded on her phone.

Her 13 year old son, who is a famous pianist in my home town, thinks it's normal to have a mother who is into quoting films. He does it too. He knows by heart the whole script for Amadeus.

My sister and her son laugh and quote, or quote and laugh. I almost can't tell which is which any more. So it's good they've both gone. I was about to feel utterly inferior in their company. On the other hand, I've noticed that it's very easy to entertain such normal people. I can only recommend looking for signs of normality in one's family.

After a drinking binge at the Carlsberg factories, we went to see a 3-D movie at the Planetarium in Copenhagen. Both my sister and I thought it normal not to ask a kid whether he would like to go, since we wanted to do this ourselves. Later at my office, where I had to pick up a number of new books that I've gotten reissued or published, my nephew gave a piano concerto number in the salon outside my door, and then he told me this: "you know, I absolutely adore you." Now, that I found very normal. But before I got to make a similar statement which would have crowned my nephew Roman style - laurels and everything - my sister intervened and asked her son, imitating Pilate - who can't pronounce the letter R - in The Life of Brian when he interrogates Brian: "are you a Woman?" - No. "Then your father was a Woman."

Welcome to the world of normal Womans. Here's a gallery.


Anonymous said…
Ma tot gindeam: de ce uneori pur si simplu nu imi vin imaginile din scene de umor, ci le simt blocate undeva im memorie stind nerabdatoare sa izbucneasca in larg facindu-mi risul zgomotos si sanatos.Mi-am gasit intr-un tirziu raspunsul, iti trebuie o frecventa asemanatoare, altminteri nu ai decit interceptari neintelese si pe degeaba.
Cu sora mea e altceva, cind ne intilnim parca tot zagazul risului se dechide dintrodata printr-o poarta generoasa si ne imbie la un ris , cum am mentionat mai inainte " sanatos si zgomotos , in asa hal, ca cei de pe linga noi stau uimiti in proiect si nu inteleg ce anume te-ar putea distra in felul acesta. Iar noi avem o singura replica, data tot dintr-un film, de data asta de animatie, Lady and the trump, 'we are siamese if you please"
Anonymous said…
I guess Mana writes 'Lady and the trump' because she has cards on her mind... Or Donald Trump, or Donald Duck? Quack, quack - mak, mak...

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