This is a note for all those that read everything I write. Yes, yes, I have to be more serious. So, seriously, then, since there is this wordpress craze, I've decided to create another blog, befittingly titled: MORE FRAGMENTS, which in effect is a repetition of the title of my tumbler quotes, also called More Fragments.

So, what I'm saying is this: there's a new blog in town called: MORE FRAGMENTS. I'll post there snippets of book reviews for academic journals. The reviews that I write are often commissioned – well, some people just love it when I go bashing styles around...

So keep an eye on it if you're interested in knowing what I think of other books, or what books I find interesting to write about.

The next post, due in a week, is going to be a review of Robert Baker's The Extravagant. It will be my last academic contribution to a solid journal this summer (and for that matter to a solid blog, my own, if I must say it myself, or should I use Norman Holland’s words in response to my Frag/ments blog: “what a supremely literate blog” – thanks Norm).

In other words, I have other fragments to fry while on top of my beloved mountain in Norway this summer. These fragments will annul a tight deadline with the hardcore theoria poesis praxis scholars in Averio that are publishing my monograph on Lynn Emanuel. For good measure, keep an eye on that too if you’re into poetry and philosophy. My manuscript goes into print September 1.

Have a great summer everyone.


(p.s. yes, yes Steen, I know that you think that I should make a clean switch to wordpress from blogger, but, what can I say, I'm old-fashioned, I kinda like my old blog... See you in Finland in a few days – gosh, with all those intellectual history philosophers. Ouch... it's good we'll have the sauna to get hot on).


dissemination said…
No no, keep Blogger, by all means. Wordpress is just much more full-featured and open source and imports a Blogger account easily... :-)

See you in Finland.
Anonymous said…
Camelia: "I have other fragments to fry, Honey!"

Homer: "Mmmm, fried foods!!"

Camelia: "No, Stoopid, I'm referring to my blog - on the internet!"

Homer: "The internet - is that thing still around?"

Camelia: "I think you should try it, Homer, you might learn something new! Here is the computer..."

Homer: "Oh, so they have internet on computers now!"

Camelia: "BASH!"

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