Heart magic

At 1.01 at night I go out of the house. At 1.03 I’m on the beach. I muse over the miracle of light. I’m trying to think of something, in spite of the futility of it. I make a better decision. No thought. No action. I’m staying with the moment. In the moment. On the way back I notice something on the path. Not one but 6. 6 hearts. ‘The force is strong with this one’, I say without deliberation. The moon knows what it’s doing. The heart knows what it’s doing. I’m beyond time. This I know too, because sometimes I say things like, ‘it feels like yesterday.’ Other times I say, ‘it feels so long ago’. So which time am I thinking of, when I give in to the illusion of it? The long or the short? Is there a difference? My heart is beyond time. The force is strong with this one. Like the moon face, when it knows magic.


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