While looking at sublime Frigg today, I gain new understanding of why I see myself primarily as a storyteller whose preferred medium of expression is the oracular, as mediated by natural omens, cards, the stars, bones, and books.

I say this against the background of my re-assessing my role in the academic world, a world that I have come to despise and loathe. The way I view higher learning has become eclipsed by the reality of financial university politics, the hidden agendas of the bureaucracy, and the false aspirations for who is to be master.

I cannot make myself speak 'corporate language', and hence lie about the 'usefulness', 'relevance' and 'global impact' of my research. I participate in the creation of knowledge, not in the ventriloquizing of empty speech and rhetoric of the university as a business. This participation I see as a silent act, an act of flying silently like the wise owls of the earth, who focus our awareness unto things that matter, not unto things that speak of loud and dishonest assertions.

Today is the day when the Sun and the Moon are in their exalted signs. I think I'll go and consolidate a house that's as solid and strong as a rock, as a polished diamond. May the mountain come to me, if I cannot go to it myself. I will invite it inside this house, and perhaps over a cup of aromatic coffee, we may reach an agreement as to what I can use my academic so-called skills, and which will allow me to speak from a place of wisdom and honor. 

Hail our luminaries, and the beautiful universe we're all part of.


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