I hear people talking about a murder of crows. In fact several murders of crows. A heap of stones. A flock of sheep. All in connection with the venerable belief, according to various pre-historic, pagan, occult and not so occult sources, in the 12 days of Christmas, or should I say, 12 days after Christmas, in which it is possible to get answers to questions in the form of omens. The gates are open, or some gates are open, and all according to what system you might fancy, a question a day for each of the next 12 months, or all 12 at ones, it is possible to see things. All you need to do is this: close your eyes. Think of a question. Formulate it loudly. Open your eyes. Wait. Shall we say, 12 minutes? Look around. In 12 minutes you can get your answer. (Now that I think of it, this idea with 12 minutes as a solution sounds familiar. You don’t need to believe in anything to succeed. Some Danish politicians used this line once, and I even wasted my time writing about it, and we all know what politicians are known for.) In any event omens are all around us, and they can take many shapes. Sometimes I get to dream. And although I don’t always go to bed with the intent of experiencing paranormal shifts in both the conscious and the unconscious mind, my dreams behold within them the instant materialization of signs. So, with the gates open, here are two instances that have occurred with 2 days apart.

On January 1st I dug out an old ring of mine that I haven't had on for ages. I decided to go to bed with it. And I never go to bed with any jewellery. I dreamt of wheels. In the morning of January 2nd, I walked the dog. Upon my return the mailman had delivered a package. It was a gift from card reader and writer Joeanne A. Mitchell. ‘A Kongo kosmogram for you', she said. 'If this sign moves you, then search it to find your meaning,' she further said. I looked at the cross, I looked at my ring still on my finger, and I said: ‘I’ll be dammed.’ Or I think I said that. The ideogram matched my ring. The one sun on it, represented by a dot, anticipated the 4 suns in the Kongo kosmogram, also represented by dots. Joeanne calls it the Sky Diamond.

On January 3rd, after having dreamt that I was running with dogs in Lapland, I opened my eyes and said loudly: I must buy stationery, hand made paper and envelops. I walked the dog again, and upon my return the postal service was to my service. Writer and card reader Enrique Enriquez had sent me two most beautiful postal note books, each filled with what he calls, tongue exercises. All hand-written on exquisite paper. A modern day grimoire.

While I consider the flight of kisses I’ve been enjoying these past 11 days, I’m reminded of what Rainer Maria Rilke once said: “I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.” Enjoy your signs, and your sighs.



Mama Whodun said…
Those Bell Tower moments... :) What would life be without them?

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