"I have been working on a series of situations in which a tarot card could instigate a poetic subversion of reality, like when I stopped the subway commute by trying to use the Chariot card as my metro card and acted as if I wasn’t aware of the absurdity of it. Overall, there is the idea of how all these visual and verbal connections in the Marseille tarot are a tool for beautiful thinking. The tarot as an object whose poetics can be narrated and such narration can be a means in itself, a way to achieve stasis, a point of equilibrium in which we confuse the inner logic of a game with an outer truth about life." - ENRIQUE ENRIQUEZ

Enrique's ground breaking work with the Tarot de Marseille comes even more to expression in the series of interviews he conducted with 47 other tarot luminaries. Two solid volumes, EN TEREX IT - EX ITENT ER are now out from EyeCorner Press. Get the books, enter them and exit them, exit them and enter them, watch and learn, and above all, enjoy!


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