The daisy house in Eikesdal is magical. It has its own beach, a smashing view over the mountain, and not far behind, it has access to the Mardal watefalls. The house is not big, but it comes with everything you need in it. And what is most splendid about it is the fact that it is in complete isolation. The way in which the forest hides it, makes you think of true fairytales. You open the gate to the house and the trees, the mountain, and to what is most special in you. This is a place where you don't grow old. Here you have no past and no future. You have no parents, or other relationships. You are free from having to listen to others treating you like their own child—don't do this, don't do that, don't bother me, don't stalk me—like a moron who is not in her full faculties—don't be stupid, don't be inadequate, don't dream—or like a goddess—gosh, you're so high up, I can never reach you. At the daisy house, you answer to no one. You're in a state of magic, and everything you do is perfect. Just perfect. At the daisy house, it is beautiful.


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