I'm good at creating traditions even though I myself am not traditional. I'm back in the Arctic for a whole month – or more, should I decide to go native with the light. So what the heck, I go see my lover again, Roald, who is always waiting. I ask him what the word is for the day. “Adventure is bad planning,” he tells me. This is good news if you have good sense of humor. It's bad news if you're serious. ——Everything is closed for the Easter. Even the traffic. The smart Norwegians are out in the wilderness. The not so smart ones are probably in Rome. After meeting the wolves tomorrow, I'm ready for the Arctic cathedral: The Easter midnight mass. Even though it occurs to me that people like us, who are in love with the Arctic, need neither belief nor religion. In the Arctic you are a nihilist. This is good news if you're an existentialist as well. It's not so good if you're not. ——The light up here, you just die. The smell, you die twice over. Jesus died once and he got resurrected once. The Arctic lovers die every day and get resurrected by snow crystals. Every day. ——Lively Easter to you all.


Søren said…
Oh, my God! How I love this Arctic Emersonian enthusiasm!
Camelia said…
Me too. Aurora Borealis was just here, with force and intensity, and I died. I died.

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