Here is my latest academic contribution to the project of enlightenment in the form of outpouring of textbooks. BETWEEN GAZES: FEMINIST, QUEER AND OTHER FILMS is a text book in which I introduce key terms in feminist, queer, and postcolonial/diaspora film. My point of departure is in the question “what do you want from me?” Although I don't engage Lacan's psychoanalysis in any major depth - he never really addressed anything else in his writings - he snicks in through the back door. Which is good. However, the book analyzes 14 films from different film theory angles in 10 chapters, going tangentially also from the Lacanian theory of the gaze to engaging with emotion and the arts à la Stanley Cavell and Noëll Carroll. The analyses reframe questions of subjectivity and representation in what I hope is an entertaining entanglement of visual with textual poetics in film. For those in need of details, I can disclose that the word 'fuck' occurs 7 times in the introduction alone. So, there's hope for academic writing. For those who have been following my latest rantings, yes, I know that I've been threatening to either become a full professor by the end of the year, or retire on top of a mountain. Well, probably neither will happen, but I leave room for entertaining the idea of taking a serious step in either direction. QED Meanwhile, get the book, have some fun, and learn something. 


Anonymous said…
Intriguing, well written in voluptuous/penetrating style!!!

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