For the Jedi Knights

Episode I - Illuminations

You said yes to everything even before I opened my mouth. Then, when I did open my mouth, fragments came out if it. Now I want to yell at myself: “how are you going to make the fragment compatible with everything?” Someone bring in the mathematicians. Quickly! Meanwhile, I’m looking for a hammer that’s bigger than Nietzsche’s. No, wait, make it a lightsaber. Someone let me smash the fragment in the name of everything. The fragment raised to the power of maximum. Illuminated. When the time is right the maze will turn into a window. You will come out of the penumbra. Ready for an outbound flight.

Episode II - Dances

Jedi Ezra Pound is patrolling my site in his Star Cruiser. Jedi Junior Charles Olson is learning the craft of incantation. The Maximus Poems are born. By hand. I cite with an ax in my eye: “One loves only form / and form only comes / into existence when / the thing is born / born of yourself, born / of hay and cotton struts, / of street-picking, wharves, weeds / you carry in, my bird / of a bone of a fish / of a straw, or will / of a color, of a bell / of yourself torn.”

Master Yoda Wittgenstein sends Pound and Olson a telepathic question: “are you serious?” followed by an instruction: “Here’s how we think of quantifiers around here. ‘The sword Excalibur consists of parts combined in a particular way. If they are combined differently Excalibur does not exist.’” I ask the master, ah, so you’re a dancer? Do you know what Confucius said? Wittgenstein is thinking about it.

Episode III - Erudition

I, Queen Gertrude Anscombe – you can call me Elizabeth – am X’ing intentionally.

Master Yoda Wittgenstein lying on the lawn of the excluded middle wants to know: “Are you The First Person?”

Jedi Ezra Pound sends him a telepathic thought from the starship Maximus: “She is The First Person”, only, since he’s been cruising in circles and got dizzy, he confuses Queen Gertrude with the Writer Gertrude, the Other Yoda Stein, Gertrude Stein, who made him kneel and acknowledge her mastery. Fierfek!

I, The intended First person, The Second Person intentionally, and The Third Person intentionally intended ask you three: is the following Yodantic question the right question: “When all choices seem wrong, choose restraint?”

(Blast! By the Abyss! The Queen, in her capacity as The Third Person, is thinking that the First Person is just about to commit the moral fallacy, formulated thus by the Second Person: what do you care about what the right question is, when all consequentialism is purple?)



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