The Nietzsche Circle people have done it again. The supremely aesthetically, beautifully, and intelligently conceived Hyperion, a journal on art, philosophy, and literature presents us with its new contents. The December issue has just went public and as I have two contributions in it, I, can't help but make the announcement. Even if you don't want to read anything, just check the design for the whole issue. It's a true feast for the eye. Mark Daniel Cohen has outdone himself, again - as every time, both in content and in form. Congrats, my friend.

However, if you do want to read something, you may want to glance at my review essay on prophets seducing philosophers: Ex-silentio Eloquence: Poetry and Philosophy in the Middle of It.

Or else read my poem dedicated to Zarathustra, and marvel at Cohen's cover design.

Indeed, art does make us feel better about our lot. It pulls our minds out of entropy and throws it into synergy. Experiencing such metaphysical unlikelihood is as good as solving impossible tasks.

As with Nietzsche, we can all speak by way of retro-diction, de-calyption, and proleptic benediction.



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