For Zarathustra

I think I look beautiful in my Lagerfeld creation of a white silk dress that goes all the way to the floor spilling over my brown Birkenstock trekking boots. I have a rendez-vous with Zarathustra on top of Predikestolen. He sees me from atop, waves at me and shouts: “you look like a parachute in all that mass of soft satin. Off somewhere?” He’s jealous of my beauty. He’s thinking of ways to possess it, but the whiteness blinds him. With his eyes closed he can’t think properly. So it’s very easy for me to just fuck him, and get it over with. But I have come for the natural solutions that lead to singularities. He wants gravity in vacuum. He speaks “Of the Virtue that Makes Small.” I lose my native tongue, and start speaking in one I don’t understand: “Das Wandern” “Wohin?” – “Der Neugierige” – by the time I get to – “O B├Ąchelein meiner Liebe, how silent you are today” – oops, language is back – I see Jack Kerouac down on the road translating: “Ungeduld” – "Dein ist mein Hertz," but then he also gets it mixed up: “Behold, think of Dean Moriarty!” Did I say “Behold,” he asks, horrified? “Yes,” I say. “That’s Zarathustra’s line,” and then I explain: “when he’s sexually frustrated he stops prophesying all that nonsense about unholy simplicity, and starts singing Schubert songs instead.” I take off my dress, and all the men go: “mein, mine, mein." I follow the gravity. The transvestites go with the vacuum.


Bent said…
German Romanticism 1-0-1:

Pretty flower: symbol for death

Pretty girl: symbol for death

River: symbol for death

Woman in river (holding flower (optional)): sex is death


Mountain top: site for moment of insight into the sublime - immediately followed by protagonist's death

Deep, green forest: site for moment of insight into the ephemerality of truth and beauty - immediately followed by protagonist's death

Pretty little river on the outskirts of deep, green forest with mountain top on the horizon: site for protagonist's impending suicide (after communicating last insight concerning sublime truth and beauty (optional))

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